Curls at The Co·Lab

The Curl Culture appointments are created to assist you in identifying the culprits of your hair problems. It starts with a series clarifying your hair from all past products. We then remove mineral buildup that happens from water. From there we go into conditioning and detangling and styling. During your appointment you will learn how to properly shampoo, detangle, and style your hair to give you the results you have been looking for. We also go through hair products and why some work better than others- what not to use and why.

Why is my hair dry?

Anyone who is natural that is currently using oils and styling butters to moisturize their hair is going to tell me this exact phrase, “my hair is dry”. This is why my Curl Culture Appointments are so important! Your hair isn’t dry because it’s genetic, your hair isn’t dry because it’s too hot outside. Your hair is dry because you don’t know how to properly moisturize your hair, and you’re not using the right shampoos and conditioners that properly cleanse the hair so that the hair can actually receive moisture, which is water!

What does your shampoo say?

Does your shampoo have Shea butter, caster oil, or coconut oil within the first five ingredients? If it does, most likely it’s not cleansing your hair. In these Curl Culture appointments, you will be given the names of shampoos, conditioners, and stylers you will need that will actually help you retain water and hydrate your hair.

How am I Supposed to Style My hair?

Here at The Co·Lab , I believe that you can style your hair in many ways. It’s all about knowing and sticking to a regimen. Many naturals don’t believe their hair can do a wash and go, but that’s because you’ve never seen your hair not be frizzy! Whether it’s wash and go, twist outs or braid outs, my goal is to show you how to hydrate your hair properly and give you longer lasting styles but shorter wash days.

What’s the science?

Many clients believe that they have 4C hair because their hair is dry, feels coarse, looks dull, gets tangled. I have many pictures of people who thought they have 4C hair but when hydrated looks completely different. Dehydrated hair looks differently. You won’t really know your hair’s true potential until we begin to set a regimen to hydrate it the proper way.

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